Router Question

This is probably a really stupid question, but currently my router is in the bedroom initially set up the modem/router in. Well, that computer died out and I want to move it into my brother’s room which is closer. I’ve tried plugging everything in his room exactly the same way it was in the other room, yet I cannot get any internet?

Does comcast run their cables to a certain jack outlet? or is it because the new computer didn’t have the router’s software to configure it?

Either way Comcast is coming out today due to spotty service lately.

Is the modem still plugged into the router?

Yes, the modem is still plugged into the router.

you shouldn’t require any software on your pc to obtain a internet connection. Also you can simply either telnet into your router which is quite advanced for most or use a web browser to access your router. Id make sure there are no issues from the computer to the router first. Easily done with pinging the default gateway!

if your computer can communicate with your router then its the modem cable / modem with the issue!
Are you using a extension cable for the modem cable?