Running a Downloaded Game from a USB drive

I recently purchased a used 360 with no hardrive. The seller has it listed as a Core Console, manufactured 09/25/2009.

I’ve done some research and know that I can install a game off an 8gb USB drive, and it should play without a hardrive (a confirmation on this would be very helpful). However, a lot of people are saying that this capability was added after some update to the 360, and I can’t find a date that would have happened.

So my question is, would the system I bought, with that manufacturing date, have this magical update and be able to run a game installed from a USB drive?

The console has to be a JTAG/RGH to play games off a HDD/USB without the disc. There is no way to do that on a retail console unless you purchase a GOD from the marketplace. Regardless of the HDD, the console should still boot up, but you won’t be able to configure a USB Device to it unless you have the update that allows you to use USB Devices.

Your xbox would probably have to be jtagged or rgh’d.

He’s not asking to play it without a disk. Yes, you can install games to a flash drive and play them.

Depends on your flash drive. With most of them the XBOX will tell you there are “performance issues” but will let you use the stick anyways. I think it’s a ploy to get gamers to buy the official (and way overpriced) usb flash drive, but to answer you’re question yes you can run games from a flash drive.

But then why would he want to play it off of a flash drive if he has the disk?

Umm his title definitely makes it sound that way. “Running a Downloaded Game from a USB drive”

This indicates he does not plan on using a CD to run.

Forgive my ignorance, but I thought the whole concept of the Xbox marketplace was purchasing and downloading games, and playing them without the physical disk. Can this not be done with any retail system made after June of 2009?

I was under the impression that I could purchase games from the marketplace and save them to an Xbox account on my computer, and then transfer them to a USB.

Basically I do plan on buying disks for some games, but there are expansion packs and games that are download only, so instead of installing a 20 or 40gb hardrive I just want to put everything on a USB drive.

if you purchase it from the marketplace on the console, you dont need anything to play them. You just go to recent games or whatever and click play.

Can I access the marketplace without a hardrive or paying for Xbox live?


Yes and you need some kind of memory unit. I recommend a 64 GB flash drive or 32 GB flash drive.

Yes you can but you will need internet connection and you can use silver xbox live(free).

If it’s your first time on live on that account then you get 1 month free and the next month for 1 pound!

You can purchase any GOD (Games on Demand) Game from the marketplace, but you still need some type of Hard Drive to store the GOD. You can’t do that unless your xbox is updated and you have access to xbox live. You can get a USB Device but they are limited to 16GB of storage, Microsoft did that so people would buy their hard drives. 16GB is good for storing add-ons, but not for actual games. Most of the time each game is around 5-7GB, so you’d only be able to fit a few games on a USB Device. It’s better just to purchase an actual 360 hard drive if your trying to store the games. With a real hard drive, you don’t have to worry about a storage limit or performance issues.

It will have to be Jtag’d

Good usb stick for memory $69.99 though

Lexar Online Store

32 GB

I think max. was 16gigs.

But yes, you can definetly use dat stick as a memory unit and so, you can also, download and play ****. If it performs well…dat depends on your stick (usb stick bro… ) .

Thank you for all the replies; they were very helpful. I’ll get a 16gb thumb drive and see if I can’t get that to work, and if not, I’ll either get a 20gb hardrive or I’ll forget about playing downloadable anything.

I’m not going to be using this for a lot of gaming and I don’t need it for online multilayer. Really the 360 was just the cheaper alternative to a PS3, which I need to replace my archaic PS2. In fact, the newest game I have is GTA San Andreas (2004), and I recently dusted off some of my old PlayStation games to prove to me that the gameplay of San Andreas isn’t as bad as I keep saying it is.