Saints Row 2 Save Editor - By: XB36Hazard

Here is my Saints Row 2 Save Editor

Download - Here

Virus Scan - Here


Open Me

Newer Version in Xbox 360 Tools - Download - Here

New Version Images

Open Me

Nice save editor :smile: better than other ones

i like that save editor

Link deleted?

Ummmm… You click HEAR next to download

Here* and fileserve said it was deleted earlier.

Thanks you

Way to spell Here* wrong :confused:

OT; Do we have to sign up on your website to use the tool? I think your site got hacked bro


When I download Xbox 360 Tools. Norton Antivirus analyzes it and determines it a threat, and then continues to delete it…

I have also downloaded it from… & yielded the same results.

I have seen you post quite a lot saying your things are coming up as a virus get rid of norton many people think its great all it does is cause problems i would get ESET smart security works for me and continually updates itself on its own it has done me no harm since i had it :smile:

The reason why it pops up is because it’s a installer. I will think about just uploading the .exe so no one else has this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience, been very busy with school and work.

i cant register… the link on the 360tools program seems to be broken.

I just disabled Norton for 15 min then installed then added it to my safe list.

Also go to for more info on logging in.

Thanks dude it works =)

Need to reup please the link is dead