Saints Row 4 Cheats not working

I use the latest Steam version of the game yet the cheats won’t work once enabled. I doubt I’m doing anything wrong… o-o

Do you have any DLCs?

All of them.

Same here, got all DLCs and cheats wont work, the game was last updated on the 20th of April 2017 and the trainer was updated 7 months ago so that might be why.

Nah that’s not it. The game doesn’t play well with the protection we use for our trainers. I will update you guys if something changes.

I just tried running Infinity cheats on Saints Row 4: Game of the Year Edition and it’s still not working. Infinity, as well as SR4, are whitelisted on my antivirus, and Infinity works on all my other games. I’m still getting the issue where the game will open for three seconds, close itself, and then Infinity will say it can’t find the game. Any updates on that issue?

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It may not be the trainer’s issue with that. Saint’s Row 4 isn’t exactly compatible with Windows 10. Compatibility mode doesn’t work either, and it’s still not an issue that the trainer can deal with.

Are you running Windows 10?
Have you tried opening the game without Infinity, to see if the problem still exists without the trainer?
Do the achievements matter that much to you?

1 & 2: The solution is in the comment section of the game on steam. You have to rename the folder to “_Saint’s Row IV”, uninstall the game through steam, rename the folder to “Saint’s Row IV”, install the game, and change ‘fullscreen’ to ‘borderless’. This wipes out all the extra registry bullsh*t that conflicts with Windows 10, without affecting the game’s files. When you install it again, it only looks for files that are already installed, and since they’re all already there, it won’t download anything more.

3: If achievements don’t matter too much to you, there’s a ‘cheat’ menu in the game which allows almost everything the trainer does. All you need to do is a quick search for the cheats, and you’re good to go once you add them. When you do, however, the achievements are locked.

@STN Usually, the trainers are on point, and I suspect this one was as well, but the conflicts with Windows 10 could be giving you fits. It’s also possible that many of the issues reported about the trainer are Windows 10 based issues. I’ve done all the above, and still get the same issue he got. It’s not the trainer’s fault, nor is it yours. I suspect it’s the incompatibility with Windows 10.

I just started using wemod I am using windows 7 for this game and it does not seem to work with the cheats on if there is any thing you can do please let me known also this was a clean install of the game on Steam so it should not have any issues as this is a old ish game and do not think they have made any new updates to it for a while

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And this is one year old gonna lock this