Saints Row IV Save Editor v1.1

Credits to XPGAurora over at XPG for creating this save editor.

How To Use:

  1. Extract save
  2. Open save
  3. Mod
  4. Save
  5. Rehash and Resign
  6. Enjoy!

Download: Saints Row IV
Virus Scan:

There is a better Save Editor made by iH8 Fr0st x)
It has more options than this. But thanks.

Thanks. And please remember mine is in beta. :thumbsup:

… and XB36Hazard made a way better one.

Ok, I wasn’t asking who’s was better. I was just posting one for the community to enjoy.

XB36Hazard can suck on this, Stealing my checksum without giving credits…


XB36Hazard had the code when saints row the third came out… why would he need to steal your code if he already had something that he made?

Doesn’t matter hey still dident give credits for using my checksum. I was the one that gave it him like a year ago.

He made his tool before you posted it on 360Haven and on here. He doesn’t need to give credit to someone who didn’t actually give him it. Yes I know you posted it on 360Haven cause I used to be a dev there.

His tool has always used sr3.exe this is my code that hey has used this year. That`s what im trying to say.

And yet Jappi88’s fixer looks very similar to yours… pretty much the same just in C# instead of VB…

This is why i don’t share things public…

This is also why you try to gloat about things. I know who you are and that’s why I don’t share any respect towards you. I know your work and I know that most of the time you just decompile already made editors to get what you want then release them.

“This is why you don’t share things public” Well you shared your fixer to the public, you shared your beta to the public. This thread isn’t your fixer that you so called coded nor is this thread your beta editor so I don’t understand why you keep posting and bragging that you coded this amazing checksum fixer/editor when this thread has nothing to do with either or of those.

Plus without my tutorial on how to hex edit the wheel size and more things for cars for saints row the third or if XB36Hazard didn’t make a garage editor in his AIO you wouldn’t be adding those features to your editor.

Lets just say i have people on my side to say it is because they watched me do it… :stuck_out_tongue:

And i have the game so i know were things are and how it works so please can you stop harassing me on how i work.

Okay and good for you. I don’t see anyone really caring enough that you coded that and I also still don’t understand why you keep commenting on this thread that had nothing to do with you in the first place.

Screw it ill just post XB36Hazard source public let everyone see how much hey stole things.

None of the editors currently out would have been made without using the algorithm iH8 Fr0st reversed. Even if they don’t give him credit where credit is due, you can clearly tell they used it just by comparing the coding.

Credit is given out of respect of it’s creator. If you can’t give credit to someone after using their coding, you have no right to use it.

Then do it. It’s not my source so it doesn’t hurt me.

Who the hell do you think you are? Obviously you know me but I don’t know you, from your attitude your one of those noob devs at 360Haven who think they are the best and never credit anyone even when they obviously use someone else’s work. So before running your mouth it would be best to know who your doing it to as underestimating someone will make you rue the day you ever opened your ****ty mouth and ****ed them off… Good day NOOB.

About time you leave and I will rue the day… well see I can care less cause all you’re trying to do is get your epenis bigger and its a “used to be one of those noob devs at 360Haven” and looks like I pinched a nerve somewhere when all I said to cause this little post was “Then do it. It’s not my source so it doesn’t hurt me”