Same millissecond for an autopop achievement

I would like to know if there is any problem being detected using the Horizon unlocker.

Knowing that the milliseconds generated are random, when I legitimately unlock 3 achievements at the same time, like finishing the game in easy, medium and hard mode, finishing the game in hard mode the 3 difficulty achievements are also unlocked. legitimately without the use of unlocker will they have the millisecond randomized or not?

Because if you legitimately unlock the 3 achievements and they have the same millisecond and Horizon just generates the randomized millisecond, people would know that you used an unlocking program

For informational purposes only, TrueAchievements can check milliseconds even if the Greasemonkey script stops working.

I would like to thank anyone who can clarify this doubt.

In all the years using the wemod, i had no problems with unlocking achievements, and never gotten in trouble for doing so.