Sands of Aura Trainer for Steam in Wemod

Please Add Sands of Aura Trainer with These Cheats for Steam in Wemod Thank You.

One-Hit Kills
Unlimited Glint
Unlimited Bells
Unlimited Items
Unlimited Health
Unlimited Stamina

Hi, trainer requests are not accepted on the forums. Kindly note that the suggestions section is intended to propose ideas to enhance the WeMod app, not suggest specific trainers.

Adding new trainers is based on their popularity among our WeMod users. To help creators prioritize games, WeMod users should go to the game’s page in WeMod and click "Notify Me"on the Trainer. This metric helps them determine which games will get trainers next.

When a sufficient number of WeMod users have taken this action, the game will be added to the queue, which could lead to the development of a trainer for the game. Thank you!