Satisfactory cheats for steam

Please bring back fly mode can’t access half my stuff since the new update it’s all to high up thank you

Fly mode was never available in the WeMod trainer.

Do you recall what version had fly mode I use to play the game all the time there was definitely a fly mode at some point or version of the game along with a ton of other stuff that gotten taken away as well

You were using another trainer then. WeMod has never had those options.

If you click the “History” button, which is under the Play button, you can look through the older versions of the WeMod trainers yourself and see that there has never been a Fly cheat in any of the previous versions.


There used to be an in-game console command that turned the ability to fly on and off. But that was only available in the Early Access release version of the game and was removed from public release by the game’s developers.