Savage Lands Legacy Final Unity 4 Build

I do love Savage Lands, it’s as good as GW2 as Graphics concerned and it has come along way from it’s beginning. Nevertheless I still like playing Savage Lands Legacy Final Unity 4 Build.

I was wondering if someone would independantly or otherwise generously create a trainer for this Legacy build. This version of Savage Lands is a 32 bit game, but it should not be totally neglected and people still play it. . . Can someone please create a trainer for the Legacy version. . . THX

Hi. The game looks interesting, it’s affordable, even if the comments and ratings don’t bode well. Maybe I can take a look at it. But no promises and I could also just create an ce table. If that’s ok.

Just for clarification: You mean this - Savage Lands on Steam (beta branch legacy) ?

Yes, that’s the same Savage Lands, it is appreciated that you even considered the requested proposal. Although early access has been discontinued, but still can be played.

Savage Lands has come a long way since early access and completly been changed, even some of the negative comments are out of date and it has been improved over time.

THX again R_X

Most Appreciated


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