Saving game

I was using WeMod while playing Slime Rancher,
and when i wanted to save the game in Slime Rancher i got
notification “Unknown error prevents to write file (blablabla)”
And somebody can help me? Please
I really want to play Slime Rancher with WeMod

Hello and welcome to WeMod. :slight_smile:

This seems to be a common issue with the game itself, rather than the trainer. There are dozens of posts on Steam’s forums and Reddit regarding this issue with this game. The general advice given to resolve this issue is to start a new game, sadly.

However, I can provide a couple of additional troubleshooting steps first:

  1. Locate the folder on your PC where the game is saving (or should be saving) the game data. Make sure, via the folder properties, that the folder is not read-only.

  2. Go to C:\SteamApps\common\Slime Rancher. Right-click the game’s executable. Select “Properties”. Under the “Compatability” header, make sure “Run As Administrator” is checked. Then apply those settings.

No. Still not working

It’s most likely your save file. Slime rancher has had a ton of saving issues since it was released and isn’t related to WeMod :confused:

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I can`t do anything to make WeMod work?

The issue is not WeMod. The issue is the game.

As said above, you need to try starting a new game.
Or get in touch with the game’s support team. WeMod can’t fix issues in third-party software such as games.