Scan my steam library


I don’t know how feasible this is but I have SO many games on my steam account and would love to know which ones you have cheats for.
Would be cool to be able to Log into WeMod, and see a list of all the games I don’t have installed, but that is on my Steam library and you have cheats for it.


This is on our roadmap! No promises on when it’ll be released though.

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Sorry for necroing this post, but since it’s exactly the same thing. Like MetalWolvy, having hundreds of games on steam this would be a beautiful feature to have.
Having to cross reference the steam library with wemod library manually can be a real chore to know what trainers are available for our games.
Any news on this feature being implemented anytime soon or was it scratched due to technical/legal issues?

It is still something that is planned in the future but is not actively being worked on. Without using the Steam API it is much harder to do and if we did use their API your entire profile would need to be public for it to work.

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