SCARLET NEXUS Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Hi, I can workaround the unlimited items cheats by disabling them when I go to missions and use only when I am going to do some exchange, however, I must set unlimited items on to make an item and I need 5 of that item, but since unlimited items are on, the item is not created after the first one. Can you fix it?

Hi, can you do the same as Monster Hunter Rise, like when you have 2 items or more you can set it to for example 99 quantity, this way I don’t need to grind too much. Please update I can’t continue playing while it isn’t fixed. Thx in advance.

another suggestion is add a cheat that can create items without the materials.

Unlimited Health make u and SOME of your enemy have infinite health
Unlimited Items well it basically hold every times at 1 if u collect 1 , not at cap 99 like other and u cant collect some certain items while after crafting the item remain 0

The SCARLET NEXUS cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

I would love to know how to get the teleport cheat to work. Kinda hard to understand when the map doesn’t have a cursor. Unless I have to use the mouse?

Teleport just teleports you to your saved location which is wherever you were standing when you clicked the button to save the location.

Ah ok

Unlimited Items Bug :
When using this function to trade in the store, the number of items exchanged will not increase. If you want to exchange normally, you can only turn off this function, which will lead to an embarrassing situation. I hope the author can fix this bug as soon as possible, thank you!

Unlimited Health works, but for human bosses too, which sucks. Their healthbar gets reduced while simultaneously being locked. If you have it on, the fight can’t be beat, and when you turn it off half the fight is gone. There’s also a fight that lasts 5-10 seconds and feels awful because you can’t interact with it at all before it’s over, assuming you had the cheat on but turned it off to attempt the fight itself.

@STiNGERR, any chance at an experience Multiplier instead of max experience?

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any chance we can add a “add all items” or “max inventory?”

Will it be possible to add a ‘Ignore Crafting Requirements’ mod, or something similar to that name?

Bug Report: 2 / 2 fights against another character were bugged so far while playing Kasane.

Both did not get back up after the first Brain Crush > had to close WeMod completely, restart & finish the fight without mods, save and restart.

Happened for the first fight against Yuito and later Kodama.

Also tried just turning off all mods that affect fighting and restarted the fight - did not help.

The menu doesn’t work. :pensive:

This trainer has some issues. If you have max crafting turned on it makes it so you cannot collect more than 1 or 2 of some items, which is pretty game breaking if you consider visuals and collecting things important. There is also the fact that if you have infinite health on, when you fight Yuito, or I imagine Kasane if you picked Yuito first, it effects the enemy team also, so you can’t beat the fight without turning it off…the CH Aorora trainer sets every item you collect to 99…and their infinite health trainer doesn’t effect the other team…just throwin that out there.