Screenshot your Steam Library

Well screenshot em, curious to see what you guys play.
Gabe_k isn’t allowed to post.

My games:

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i am a noob what is steam? lol

I have like 3 games in my Steam. CS:S, TF2 and L4D2. I’m not much of a pc gamer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like Xbox LIVE for the PC.

i saw counter strike source there how would i go about getting that and steam?

I think I have solitaire. Maybe Hearts. I’m pretty legit. Got around 2 hours logged on solitaire and about 45 mins on hearts.

In all seriousness. I don’t use steam. I’m console.

Wow, I didn’t know that’s what Steam is.

There a way to get these games for free?

The Steam client is free.
( Welcome to Steam )

But Counter-Strike: Source costs money, along with other games.
But there is some good free games out there.

Nah, unfortunately not.
But they aren’t very expensive.

Here’s my curent Steam library of games.

Open Me

I’ll be getting more when I do some major PC upgrading.

I’m jealous that you have BorderLands, not gonna lie.

I’m really jealous

It was like a dollar in March, my PC can barely run it though.

only have garrys mods & portal not worth the shot :confused:

I 1337 Haxor8)


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Open Me

On disc:

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all of them are bought, I’m not using pac steam like the two girls above me