SCUM Cheats and Trainer for Steam

So does this bypass actually work? It says all i have to do is hit the play button on the wemod app on my pc is that it? If not is there any other instructions on bypassing EAC? Has anyone here been banned by using this with scum? I only plan on using this with singleplayer i just really dont wanna get banned because im also an admin on a server getting banned would be bad. Ive never tried wemod with a game that had anticheat so im being cautious

For all the Developers, who have had the sometimes unfortunate job of working with the SCUM Trainer, I can tell you back in Jan 22 the Trainer forever needed updating, this is where my heart goes out to the Develpers who have to date worked tirelessly to give WeMod members the enjoyment of a Trainer, well about 4 days ago I started playing SCUM again, I must confess without the Trainer heaven knows who would want to play this game, at the end of it all I am pleased that I have returned to SCUM (small gripe lol) the fly mode when you want to land, you just turn off the fly mode when you do that, it takes you a mile away from the landing spot. on that note A HUGE THANKYOU TO all the DEVELOPERS for not Quitting on this Trainer, and I know over the years you have had to tolerate hard work because SCUM will be forever updating. THANK YOU AGAIN.SteelSoldier.


the “zombies don’t attack” feature does not seem to be working for me. Is anyone else having this issue? I’m in single player.

Adding a DX12 option would be highly appreciated.

DX12 has frame generation, which DX11 is lacking.

Update needed as of the patch today.

The SCUM cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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Melee weapons and such still have durability issues so that still needs work but i am sure mrantifun is doing his best.

Hi at Wemod, I suppose you already know that SCUM has been updated on Mar 14th, I genuinely feel for the Developers with this never ending game that keeps updating, my problem is that I really like this game and Wemod Trainers makes me a winner plus all the perks.
Thank you Wemod for the hard work you all do as well the unsung heroes the Moderators.
Kind Regards.

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I can’t get any further with Scum Singleplayer Wemod.
What is it about?

,We’re having trouble loading mods in your game. Try restarting the game.,

Hi! Did you run the game from the Play button to bypass the anticheat?