Shadow of Mordor using Wemod causes a black screen


I am struggling to find a way to make Shadow of Mordor play without getting a black screen that forces me to restart my computer each time the game crashes.

I have:

  • Installed the latest mod,
  • White listed Shadow of Mordor and for good measure, Steam on my Antivirus,
  • Disabled all my DLC
  • Run the game as an administrator

I really don’t know what else to do.

Please help.

Hello and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Which edition of this game do you have? There are two editions of this game.

  • Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
  • Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Definitive Edition


  • Add WeMod as an exception in your antivirus.
  • Check that your game version is up to date and isn’t missing any files. You can do this by verifying them via the Steam launcher:
  • Ensure you are not trying to use the trainer in a multiplayer game mode, like co-op.
  • Ensure your copy of the game was purchased (or claimed free / with a Steam key) via Steam, as opposed to cracked or pirated.

When you’ve been through the above checklist, try the following to see if anything changes:

  1. Launch the game via Steam launcher. Wait on the main menu for five minutes.
  2. Alt+tab to WeMod, press Play.
  3. Alt+tab back to the game.

Thank you for the welcome, @Ravenfyre

I have the definitive version.

I purchased the game on Steam so it is a legal copy.

However, I was thinking since I typed my post. I have issues with multiple games:

Batman: Arkhym Asylum
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Car mechanic simulator 2018
Railway Empire.

Works fine with Rise of the Tomb raider though.

This tells me that there is an common issue that I am not addressing.

I disabled my anti-virus after disconnecting my PC ethernet cable. Trying to play the game responsibly while my firewall was down. That didn’t work either.