Shadow of War/ WeMod /Eula Question

I was wondering that if I’m using WeMod and do a online vendetta could I get banned for it? It seem to be ok in Shadow of Mordor. I didn’t sign up for the WB Play but I can’t remember if I did for the Eula. The only thing I plan to do online is the vendettas. It does say that in defeating vendettas you gain those silver chests. So i’m not sure if that violates anything. I don’t want to waste my money for doing something unintentional. Thanks for your help!!

It most definitely violates the EULA but that’s not the main problem here.
Trainer is not made for Multiplayer related things and it will likely get you banned if the game has any sorts of cheat protection or stats syncing or anything like that.
I wouldn’t recommend doing so but no one here can give you a 100% answer but someone that has tried it and even then I wouldn’t believe him if he doesn’t say he got banned :wink:

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Well according to Steam there are no anti cheat VAC’'s for this game. So far I have remained online but haven’t participated in any multiplayer portions of the game. I think from now on just to be safe is to go offline on steam the next time I decide to play.

VAC is steams anticheat. I would’ve doubted that the game had that. It has no EAC either as far as I know.
Though as long as you don’t play multiplayer (Not sure what the vendettas are) you should be fine. Playing the campaign all the time without going into offline mode nothing happened yet

You don’t want to tamper with anything that transfares to multiplayer. As long as everything stays offline you should be fine.

Do it at your own risk.

This trainer is not made for online use whatsoever.

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