SHare Defiance without redownloading updates

Hey all,

I am somewhat new to Horizon and understand how to use the program so this is my issue.

I live in an area that has limited data usage for internet (no cable available, so its a hotspot) I previously downloaded Defiance and all of the latest patches.
I have 2 brothers with xboxs who also want the game as well. I want to know if there is any way to NOT have to redownload the game update patch, on each console. The 3.1gb patch in specific is the harsh one.

I attempted to copy the patch onto a usb stick and tried to use horizon to change the Profile ID, and the Console ID to match each proile and xbox for my brothers. This saved and rehashed, so i put the USB stick into their xbox and moved the newly hashed file onto their hard drive, but every time i go into the game on their console, it attempts to redownload the update (saying 3 hour download)

PLease is anyone knows what i am doing wrong, or another work around to NOT have to redlownload this update on each console, that would be amazing!!!:thumbsup:8)