Shout out to GreenHouse for Jedi Survivor trainer

I come from the era of gaming when devs would include all sorts of cheat codes in video games ranging from goofy to god mode. In fact, games without any cheat codes to unlock were less common than games with them. Thats where Game Genie and Game Shark came handy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: as you old heads know. But developers dont do that anymore - very very rarely. They’re too busy adding microtransactions, FOMO inducing preorder bonuses, and paid cosmetic “delux” versions to their games. With Jedi Survivor I was kinda bummed I wouldnt get some of the cosmetics because I wasn’t going to hand over 20 Freedom Units in order to “upgrade” to the “delux” version. So, shout out to GreenHouse for making a fantastic trainer that unlocks “debug mode” which gives access to ALL cosmetics in the game among a ton of other options. This has to be the best trainer I’ve ever used because of it. Ive never seen a trainer that does that, usually I have to install a mod (which I guess trainers technically are) and launch with custom commands to access the debug mode - if it is possible at all which it usually is not.

So anyway, thank you GreenHouse and WeMod team!