Since forced update, "can't find game"

After WeMod forced an app update to v7.0.7, WeMod “can’t find the” Skryim SSE custom exe. (I use SKSE 64, so I have to use the custom launcher.)

Before the forced update, everything was working fine. After WeMod update. Nothing is working.

I know it’s not Steam because I can launch Skyrim SSE by directly clicking “skse64_loader.exe”, but I can’t run it through WeMod now.

I went through the whole reboot computer, make sure WeMod is in the exclusion list, etc. Nothing is working.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

We are pushing an update to fix this shortly. Thank you for the report!

Please wait for the app to alert you that there’s an update, or restart manually to force it. Let us know if it works now :slight_smile:

I manually restarted it and see that it’s version 7.0.8, but I still get the “we’re having trouble starting or finding your game” error.

Is there a way to roll back to before the 7.0.7 version was force updated? Everything worked before and it’s still not working on 7.0.8.

Have you tried removing and re-adding the exe to WeMod?

There is no way to roll back. We will work to get this fixed ASAP.

I already fully uninstalled the program and redownloaded and installed. No fix there.

Are there any system-level files that would help you to diagnose?

Hmmm ok. No system files are needed right now, but a log file may help (Ctrl + Shift + L). The app is looking for a SkyrimSE.exe process. Does the custom launcher launch that exe? If it does, try running the game first and then press the Play button in the app.

Can you also attach a screenshot of the error in WeMod? Thank you.

As I mentioned, I’m using a custom launcher exe because I’m using SKSE 64 (Skyrim SE script extender). Please stand by as I do that.

I should mention that I have the Skyrim SE game files on Drive D. It was never a problem before.

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WeMod-1613531943432.log (12.7 KB)

So here’s the key error:

ERROR [event-aggregator] TypeError: Cannot read property ‘platform’ of undefined

Do you have any unit tests to isolate what could be going on here?

Thanks for all that. To confirm: it doesn’t work even if you run the game first? I also should have also noted that the game (SkyrimSE.exe) must be open for at least 10 seconds before doing that.

I’m going to run some tests locally.

I isolated the issue (for real this time :upside_down_face:) Another update incoming.

Good to hear. ETA? A few minutes? A while?

Frankly [pun not intended] I’m surprised no other Skyrim SE users have posted this error.

Should be ~3 more min. I’m surprised too, considering we’ve been publicly testing WeMod 7 for 2 months!

Edit: It’s released

Confirmed. It works.

Thanks for the rapid response.

Now, whatever you did to fix it, let’s hope it doesn’t break in the next release. :slight_smile:

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