Siri Proxy Host List (Use siri on all IOS 5 devices even A4 devices!)

Hey gust you can no use spire aka siri on A4 devices just enter these proxies lists on you settings then spire :smile:

Are you one of the tons of people who just downloaded Spire on to your iOS 5 device but can’t seem to find a good proxy to use? (Don’t know what Spire is? Check out the video below) Well here is a list of some people who were generous enough to make their Siri proxy servers public. They may not all work 24/7 because of the overload of usage but I’ve been able to get through a couple of times. Also, make sure you don’t go around google sending your money off to people you have never heard of that are claiming to give out proxies for a “rental” etc. They are most likely scammers.

Name: Siri.Cd-Team
Cost: Free
Host URL:

Name: Unknown
Cost: Free
Host URL:

Name: Unknown
Cost: Free
Host URL: https://192.453.201:3544/

Name: Unknown
Cost: Free
Host URL:


Siri Proxy Host List

none of them work

im guessing you tried them and they do work if you having trouble its there being used by many many people

Yea they work…If you want to wait a hour to use one thing

its better than nothing this isnt an official thing

It’s pretty easy to install just look for spire on cydia then reboot. be careful if you aren’t untethere
Edit: Every proxy - [details=Open Me]

The reason why it says AT&T is because I was using a spoofer.

Man I install it and put the proxy but cant make it to even appear

Wut? do you mean siri wont open/show up?(If so then just hold the home button for 3 - 5 seconds.)

Those servers are down. You’re going to have to wait it out for them or you can get a Siri key from friends that have an iPhone 4s

Man it apperes voice control not siri

Did you install Spire and enable siri?

People should be aware…

You realize upon using a Siri Proxy, all our info on phone is sent to that person?
Contacts, Emails, EVERYTHING.
Use at your own risk people.

I have an iPod so…?

Aslong as you don’t have contacts or email addressed/phone numbers… you’re good to go I guess?
But even the pod2g guy and other jailbreakers on Chronic said do NOT trust proxy hosts on Siri as you send ALL personal info on the phone to that IP.

Includes Location, Emails, Contacts, Text messages, anything and everything - They get it.

It’s not a good idea to use someone else’s SiriProxy server or any “third party” Siri client/proxy/server/etc. This is because Siri has a LOT of control over your phone. Even without notifying you. Watch the video to see one of the things that can be done. Other goodies include snatching your contacts, sending emails, playing media, setting reminders, going to web pages, getting your exact (GPS) location, etc. Pretty much anything Siri could do for you.

Not enable siri sorry

is spire safe to use i think i read some where that its not ?

Depends if you want personal information on your phone being forwarded to a proxy and made view able to a 3rd party?

go to setting-general-siri-on its not working cause the servers are getting really over flooded with users and yes spire is safe

DW. Going to try and use HTTrack (Lol) to download one, then put it on a VPS. You’re welcome.

umm ok