Skate 3 Coloured Grip Tape (Tutorial)

If you have a Friend with the colour you would like just import his/her skater or here is a
tutorial on how to do it yourself.

For this to work you will need an EA account signed up for Skate online. (Skatereel)
This is a photo tutorial on how to get coloured grip tape on Skate 3 without importing a skater.

Okay so here we start once you have logged in on EA Skate : EA Games you will need to pick your gamertag
if it isnt set up already. You should have this screen (if not you may not have more then 1 account set up on it)

Once your on your on your Gamertag click on your Profile name in the top right corner.

Once your on there you need to click my content

After that Click on Launch Graphics Editor.

Once it has loaded maby if you would like turn the sound off. (its quiete annoying)
As you can see i have already done this once before

What you want to do is click an empty slot which should open a graphics page.

Turn the Grid lines off then click background colour and choose a colour you would like.
For example im going to choose Red.

Click back to landing and then Save

It should now look like this

Now here comes the important bit. You may think this bit seems wierd but its how it works.
Click on another empty slot next to it. Take off the grid and make a square the size of your
thumb in black. It should look like this.

Save it again.

Now scroll over your colour and click Publish.
Choose a spot to place it in then make sure you name it and describe it. (e.g ASDA :stuck_out_tongue: )
Share Settings = All
Tick the Terms & Conditions box. (Who reads them anyway?)

Now click next: Send Graphic game

Place your colour in a Game Slot

Then click Publish and send to Game Shelf.

Now do EXACTLY the same to the black square! (I didnt have alot of time to make this)

Now onto the Xbox 360:

Sorry i couldnt show you on the xbox but ill do a detailed Description because as i said before
i didn’t have alot of time to make this!

So your now on your Skate 3 save? Press Start then Edit Skaters.
Choose your Skater and Edit Skater.
Go on Merchandise then Skateboards. Use the customizable board and make it White.
After you have made it white press Add Team Logo.
Press Team Logos then use the 2nd one which should be the black square.
Do NOT touch the right anolog stick! Press up on the left analog stick until it starts Glitching.
After that press B then click on the 1st one. Which is your colour you picked.
Once again dont touch the left analog stick. Press A and you should have colored Grip tape.

I hope this helped the people that play Skate 3 and if you have any problems let me know!

Is anyone interested this took me quiete a while…

This sounds pretty cool. I will give it a try tommorow.

It looks cool also.
You can use any colour but i havnt tryed multi-colours.

Yeah dude thanks this is sick. I just made my griptape pink xD.

Good to hear!
Sorry about the Bump.
Mine is red atm it also works for online if you didnt know! :thumbsup:

Good TuT its SEXY

Would you mind if i imported your skater so i can get colored grip tape myself??

skate 3 graphics creator was taken down so cant even do it anymore

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I fenners by any chance can you add me so I can get your character? My gt is Opportunities

This is 9 years old probably over