Skate 3 graphic creator?

please put graphic creator

I don’t think the devs are able to do this. You could look online for some saves with graphics and find some you think is cool though.

what do u mean

mods on gta 5 on xbox 360

What are you about with GTA5?

As of Skate 3, @Raptor said. He dont think the devs could do it with skate.
A straight forward answer. It most likely cant be done.

im bored and i want to have fun with people

This isn’t some magical “You want it, we make it” program, it’s game save modifying. You can’t just dream up something and expect it’s possible. That would be sweet, though.

If you were playing on PC or had a Jtag/RGH you could use trainers and do some cool/fun stuff, though.

If you really want to have some fun you should get out of the house and get wild with some friends. If you don’t have many IRL friends, well, go out by yourself and get wild, you’re sure to meet some new friends that like to have fun. Trust me on that, they’re out there.


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