Sker Ritual Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I got to round 29 on ashes in solo and it crashed part way through the round.

please update the mods its crash everytime.

Play it for longer, it crashes every single time, how can you not recreate it… you just need to go 50 rounds instead. Its not a one off either, as you can see, everyone is having the issue. Can you listen and fix.

I would also like to add, its the exact same issue thats been present since you released the mod.

Holy cow i actually managed to use the cheats and do every hardcore easter egg without it crashing once, the way I did it was load into a solo games and once your in the game press the play button on Wemod and activate the cheats you want get one kill if you are using infinite money and then stop the cheats on Wemod but obviously once you do that unlimited ammo and no reload won’t work but that’s not an issue cause you can keep buying ammo, so I hope this help for anyone else and have fun :grinning: :grinning:

I tried it but still the same it keeps crashing

pls fix it

Please fix your trainer for this game; its constantly crashing it, making me unable to get to the higher-wave achievements.