Skull and Bones

The upcoming new title name ‘‘skull and bones’’ made by Ubisoft will have a support from Wemod ?
This game will support single-player nature as well as multiplayer !


Isn’t it pretty much an MMO? I know your progress carries over between single and multiplayer so my guess is there won’t be a trainer.

Ahhh…I really hope that a trainer will be possible

The game has been released, but I don’t think there’s a definite answer yet aas to whether the trainer is available or not, can I use this game trainer?

No, there will not be a trainer for the game.

That would be stupid to not create a trainer for this game no different then Outriders Its Single player and multiplayer and coop has great cheats this game should most certainly have a trainer created for it and same on outriders your progress carries over from single player to multiplayer fling can make something for sure he is one of the greatest if not I’m sure Cheat Evolution will have something soon along with many more.

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If someone else releases a trainer let us know and we will match it. But, seeing as it has kernel-level anti-cheat that cannot be disabled, I highly doubt you will see anyone release a trainer for it.


If you’re not happy with the way that the developers at Ubisoft have designed their game, feel free to complain to them. There’s nothing that WeMod or any trainer creator can do about the development decisions that game developers make for their game.

Skull & Bones was originally intended to be a DLC for Asassin’s Creed: Black Flag, which was released 11 years ago. But development delays and the fact Ubisoft multiplayer servers were pretty much dead (at the time) meant it was never released back then. So now they’ve released it as a stand-alone game with kernel-based anti-cheat, which generally cannot be bypassed by trainers.

PayDay 3 are now working on an offline solo mode because their player-base complained about it always needing a constant internet connection. Perhaps with enough noise, Ubisoft will do the same for Skull & Bones.


Wow, it was 2 years ago when I posted this question and now we are here once again xD

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