Skyrim Easy skills to 100

Hey guys found a nice little glitch in the game and is rather awesome you need to aquire the OGHMA INFINIUM BOOK, You will need to complete theDiscerning the Transmundane to get the Oghma Infinium. You also need a house with the Alchemey Lab Upgrade.

Skyrim | How to get Infinite EXP, Max Level and All Skills to 100 in 10 Minutes - YouTube


  1. Obtain Oghma Infiium (DO NOT READ) and Breezehome (Whiterun home) with Alchemy Lab
  2. Save near the bookshelf because it is easy to screw up.
  3. Open bookshelf menu, read the book, and select skill set
  4. Carefully close the book but not the bookshelf menu, and store the book on the shelf.
  5. Take the book back off the shelf and select (Do not read)
  6. Return to step 3 and repeat as many times as you like.

This works and in like 10 min i had all magic skills to 100 :smiley: happy days.

How does an Alchemy Lab pertain to this? I think you mean bookshelf.

OT: Saw this on IGN.

I think because you the the book shelf along with the lab?

it works like a charm… thanks a lot…

great man thanks so much !!!