Skyrim gold made easy (hex edit)

User Friendly Guide to Hex Edit Gold for Skyrim

[size=20] [size=25][u][b][i]Stuff Needed[/i][/b][/u][/size] [size=14]1. USB Flash Card [/size][/size][size=14](ANY STORE BOUGHT USB WILL WORK.)[/size][size=14]
  1. Modio (Latest Version) MODIO [/size][FREE VERSION WORKS]

  2. Hex Workshop (Latest Version) HEX WORKSHOP [/size][FREE VERSION WORKS][size=20]


Steps To Complete[/size][size=20]

[size=14]1. Be sure to pick your USB Memory as your HDD Device when you load Skyrim.

  1. Accumilate at least 1,600 Gold in-game. [/size][/size][size=14]

  2. Find a Barrel in game empty or not just be sure to empty it (Preferably the barrels outside of the blacksmiths shop in Whiterun). Now place 1,500 GOLD in the barrel, save and exit. [/size][size=14]

  3. Remove your USB from your Xbox and connect it to your computer. [/size][size=14]

  4. Create a folder on your desktop and name it anything you want. [/size][size=14]

  5. Open up Modio, click Explore a device. Open File>Open/Close Drive. Open Content>YOUR GAMERTAG>Skyrim>Game Saves. Right-click your game save and Extract to the folder you created. Close the Device explorer. Inside Modio click Open a save, open your Skyrim game save. Once the window opens click File Contents, Right-click savegame.dat and Extract file to where you saved your game save. [/size][size=14]

[/size]7. Open up Hex Workshop, Open File>OPEN>savegame.dat. Now push CTRL+F, change TYPE to 32Bit Signed Long, in the Options area checkmark Find All Instances, and pick the Little Endian Bubble. Now in the Value area type 1500 and press OK. You should see a highlighted area of numbers and letters, just to the left of the highlighted area check to see if these Hex codes are the same as what is here 40 00 0F. If the code is the same change the highlighted Hex codes to this FF C9 9A 3B, this changes the 1500 in the barrel to 999,999,999. Open File and click Save. [size=14]

  1. Now back to Modio, click Open a save and click your Skyrim game save, NOT the gamesave.dat file. Click on File Contents and right-click gamesave.dat and click Replace File and choose the Hex Edited gamesave.dat that you’ve just edited. Now click Genral File Info, click Rehash and Resign then Save to Device and click your gamertag, the window should close. Your done now you should be able to load your game save and have 999,999,999 Gold in the barrel for you to use. [/size][size=14]

[/size] [size=14]If you do not wish to have 999,999,999 gold you can choose what amount you want. In HEX WORKSHOP, open Tools>Base Converter. Chose these options Byte Order = Intel, Data Type = Long. In the Decimal box type as much gold as you want to have, just to the left is the Hex code you will use to change your gold instead of FF C9 9A 3B


Horizon works too you know…

I lol’d at modio.

I can add pictures but at the moment I’m trying to play Skyrim. Multi-tasking is hard when you’ve been awake for 14 hours.

Good tutorial, I won’t use it I’ve got around 65k now legitly:)

Modio. I Lmao at you Good Sir :smile:

Keep the insults coming I’m sure we all know the differences between the two progs. Let’s just leave it at that.

Nice tip & tutorial… everyone being a ****head gtfo… atleast he took the time out to choose to help others.

Thanks man, this will help people that can not run skryim on their PC. I can but when I do it goes on LOW and I get about 5fps. Also why use Modio? Why not HORIZON!?

You can use Horizon. I just picked Modio cause it’s user friendly. Horizon in my opinion is more of a power user program.

Nice post, I will try this later. Also, if I wanted to make my gold in the barrel 98,000 what value would I need to type in? ( Instead of FF C9 9A 3B) What about 10,000?

In HEX WORKSHOP you should see on the top of the window Tools. Open it and click Base Converter. Pick these options.
Byte Order = Intel
Data Type = Long
Now in the Decimal box type as much gold as you want, and just to the left is the Hex code you would use. Example: 10,000 Gold in HEX = 10 27 00 00. 20,000 = 20 4E 00 00.


No problems. Just giving a helping hand.

NOTICE: I think there is a repetitive HEX CODE when using a barrel in game to edit ITEMS in game. I’ve noticed while editing quantity of items in a barrel the first two hex codes are the same but the last one is different.


good guide tkns

I guess people don’t need to hex edit there gold anymore.

Gold was the first thing anyone would want to edit. Most people interested in problem solving and helping the cause moved onto finding more ways to edit the game.

Couple of good ones to find now would be the location of the perk points in hex. As well as player location…

Heck I’ve been putting copies of my horse into the barrel in my home, dropping a new one down when one dies lol.

I can add pictures but at the moment I’m trying to play Skyrim. Multi-tasking is hard when you’ve been awake for 14 hours.

hi i dont no if iam aloud do this so dont abuse me but i need help hex editting my xbox save

if anyone could hex edit the gold it would be much appreciated