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Skyrim Level EDIT

Can someone please edit my level, its currently a 209 and i want it down to a 50, so it will be the same as my achievement unlock, everything else can stay the same. I have had 2 people on here say they were going to do it for me, but then replied “i am busy”…not sure if this can actually be done, but anyway thanks

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I will be home in 10 min.

I’ll look into it

Here you go Sir,
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Let me know if it worked.

PS sexy beard :smiley:

Seeing as you dont even bother to reply back, and you just post in another topic requesting more saves. i decided i wont help anymore

ya sorry the level 50 edit was done already, just trying to get some other things modded now

Here is the save Valkyrie x23 :smile:

-all your skills to 15 but still have your perks.
-added more unspend perk points
-health magicka at 1500
-stamina at 3000
-Added 9999 daedric arrows
-Added 9999 ebony ignots
-100000 carryweight
-Double moving speed
-Added 500 Dragon souls
-No shout cooldown
-Level still at 50
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This save has all of the above + the all spell command, adding 400+ spells 70+ shouts etc
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Hi! Can anyone Max all my skills to 100 with all perks, loads of health, magicka, stamina and gold with level 50?
2shared - download Save 51 - Conan Skyrim 40.04.53.exs

Thank you in advance!

File un available

EDIT never mind works…Thank you

Here is your save, i boosted it with some extras like no shout cooldown, ebony set, daedric set etc.


I would ask but meh, I’m patient.
Nice to know there’s peeps who are so eager to help others though!
A thanks to you, Chronic. :3

np just helping out the folks that cant edit it at this time.

If you post your save with the things you would like ill edit it for you, im still online for an hour or so.

I’ll just quote my post from another thread, give me a sec.

<<… I want too much, I know, but yeah. x:

Oh Thank you soo much Chronicall! love you!< 3

Its temporarily unavailable at the moment but I’ll try again later. Much appreciated!

Can someone help me out i need 2saves from the same one. I need one save to be level 24 going to 25 and one from lvl 49 going to 50. Also if you anyone can be kind enough to put me all the most powerful destruction spells. Thank you very much. If no one can do it, it is okay, but if someone does many thanks.

PM If you were generous enough to do it for me. :smile: Thank you very much. < 3< 3< 3

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< 3< 3< 3

Im downloading as i type this.

Took a little longer, i had some problems with my internet.

Here are your 2 saves.


Naw, I’m good I just want the things I listed ;p
Thanks a bunch dude. :smiley:

Also on both saves would you mind making Conjuration & Enchanting both lvl 100? :3

I understand that with the levels, but im unsure about the spells your talking about.
Wich spells? you have any names or ID’s?

Else its kinda hard.

Unavalible ><
Upload 'em somewhere else?
Also did you see what I said about Conjuration and Enchanting? ;o

yeh the enchanting and conjuration are both 100 on both saves

and the links are now available for me when i click them

It says the File you are trying to download is temp unavailable. ><