Skyrim lockpicks made easy (hex edit)

User Friendly Guide to Hex Edit Lockpicks for Skyrim

[size=20] [size=25][u][b][i]Stuff Needed[/i][/b][/u][/size] [size=14]1. USB Flash Card [/size][/size][size=14](ANY STORE BOUGHT USB WILL WORK.)[/size][size=14]
  1. Modio (Latest Version) MODIO [/size][FREE VERSION WORKS]

  2. Hex Workshop (Latest Version) HEX WORKSHOP [/size][FREE VERSION WORKS][size=20]


Steps To Complete[/size][size=20]

1. Be sure to pick your USB Memory as your HDD Device when you load Skyrim.[/size][size=14]

  1. Find a Barrel in game empty or not just be sure to empty it. Now place all your lockpicks except for one in the barrel, remember how many lockpicks you placed in barrel, save and exit. [/size][size=14]

  2. Remove your USB from your Xbox and connect it to your computer. [/size][size=14]

  3. Create a folder on your desktop and name it anything you want. [/size][size=14]

  4. Open up Modio, click Explore a device. Open File>Open/Close Drive. Open Content>YOUR GAMERTAG>Skyrim>Game Saves. Right-click your game save and Extract to the folder you created. Close the Device explorer. Inside Modio click Open a save, open your Skyrim game save. Once the window opens click File Contents, Right-click savegame.dat and Extract file to where you saved your game save. [/size][size=14]

[/size]6. Open up Hex Workshop, Open File>OPEN>savegame.dat. Now push CTRL+F, change TYPE to 32Bit Signed Long, in the Options area checkmark Find All Instances, and pick the Little Endian Bubble. Now in the Value area type amount of lockpicks that you placed in the barrel and press OK. You may see on the bottom right of HEX WORKSHOP that it has found more than one instance of the current value searched. Not to worry just click on the top instance and use the down arrow key while looking in the main big window with all the HEX CODE to find the one highlighted HEX CODE with 40 00 0A in front of it.[size=14] After you have found it change the highlighted HEX CODE with FF C9 9A 3B to change the amount in the barrel with 999,999,999. Now click File>Save and close Hex Workshop.

  1. Now back to Modio, click Open a save and click your Skyrim game save, NOT the gamesave.dat file. Click on File Contents and right-click gamesave.dat and click Replace File and choose the Hex Edited gamesave.dat that you’ve just edited. Now click Genral File Info, click Rehash and Resign then Save to Device and click your gamertag, the window should close. Your done now you should be able to load your game save and have 999,999,999 Lockpicks in the barrel for you to use. [/size][size=14]


I didn’t realize that Lockpicks didn’t have any weight so I only added 500. I assure you this works.

I’ve found online that the Skeleton Key is still present in Skyrim. I’m not positive if it is or isn’t, but you can always change the lockpick ID to the Skeleton key and try it out. Good tutorial either way though.

Skeleton Key ID: 0043a070 (XBOX ready)

how about perk points for hex only edit?

It take me a while to do it. I never really thought about it but I guess that’s a good challenge.

Sad that people need to mod this. >.<
Locking picking is the easiest skill in the game to level up. Even if you fail you gain exp.


ty a lot man XD i wonna prove it _

Nice will try later :smile:

you use the Skeleton key in the last thieves guild quest

Worked. Thanks 4 the great Tut SkullMan!! That was right on. Thanks.

theres a perk to not break picks?why not just use that?

This looks nice. I’ll try it later and see if I can get it to work.

NOTICE: I think there is a repetitive HEX CODE when using a barrel in game to edit ITEMS in game. I’ve noticed while editing quantity of items in a barrel the first two hex codes are the same but the last one is different.


When trying to edit the amount of lock-picks I am having trouble finding the 40 00 0A. My list only goes to 2B 95 D2.

I goofed, ignore.

To anyone that is having trouble Hex Editing their Lockpicks. Try putting 30 Lockpicks in a barrel and have at least 1 Lockpick in your inventory.

Awesome thank you very much :smiley:

Skullman, do you know the code for any arrows? That would be greatly appreciated.

I am currently trying to get codes for these items. I will get to Arrows and other weaponry as soon as I can, it shouldn’t take me to long now. I’ve about just got enough of all these items to start searching for codes.

Vigorous Healing
Vigorous Magicka
Cure Disease
All Smithing Ingots
Grand Soul Gems (GRAND)

grand soul gem(grand) in a barrel: barrel code three bytes ahead of amount are

42 e4 ff then the amount of gems you put in barrel

(on my save, anyways)

I guess working and play don’t mix to well. Money is money and a lot is required these days to survive. There is great new way to hex edit now it’s posted already here.

Very nice tut skullman - very easy to understand.
The best place to do this is to use one of the two barrels outside of the blacksmiths in Whiterun, for me everytime it brings up the 1 instance/offset in hex and you can use just 1 lockpick to increase your total along with your gold.
You can also dupe items this way as well - only catch is; I seem to be only able to dupe 1 item at a time, any more than that hex workshop cant locate the offset in hex.

Skullman - 40 00 0F is item id for the barrel - next 4 bytes xx xx xx 00 is gold amount, and then any item your duping is somewhere with-in the next 10-13 bytes ie, 43 A0 70 01 skeleton key, if you only put the one key in the barrel to mod up.