Skyrim mod for xbox 360

i want all skills level 100 all perk points and nothing else…i just really hate restarting the game and having to get my most used skills up and they take soooo long to do so if anyone can create a save like this for xbox i would really appreciate it

inb4 Sean tells you to DIY

You should probably start by getting together a list of commands you want added in a notepad file. Then upload the notepad file & your save to mediafire, and add it to your post.



cant yall just create a new save yourselves? and commands? all i want added is all perk points and all 100 non legendary skills with like 300 health magika and stamina

I just bought a new rig so that I can make a skyrim save for you, but you’ll need to wait 5-7 business days

im having trouble using this stuff aswell and my xbox just broke so i lost all my saves :anguished: anyone able to make me a save file also :smiley: everything maxed out i have all dlc on skyrim so not too fussed just cant be arsed starting from lvl 1 again :anguished: its depressin knowing i have done it 3 times already :anguished: but got new xbox :stuck_out_tongue: so would be greatly appreciated :smile: