Skyrim modific

you guys should put skyrim mod q nor did to please obilivion

No, they are not going to make one anytime soon. Probably never.

do you have a 360 save for skyrim? if so could you upload it I need a 360 save( my xbox 360 isnt hooked up )

im not making a tool I just need an xbox save

Nevermind I got my 360 hooked up

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Skyrim is an extremely complex structured save. We looked into it when the game first came out and I believe decided it was too complex and would have taken too long. It basically wasn’t worth the time since the save can be modded on PC.

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And that they’re already many modded saves out for the 360 version as well, like the saves on
are two good places for game saves as well as

Its always a good idea to checkout these places first for saves for the games you are planing to play first.

For Skyrim I use the one on its the Save 2 - PreCC_Dovahkiin that would be a good pic for you

There is now one floating around here, I made one, Just Cause
It is nothing special but still

only some of my skills went up to100 ): but it is still great

Well I might need to take a look at it and see

Most people just transfar the gamesave to pc to mod stuff onto it, you can do almost anything to your save that way, there are tutorials on this too.

That’s what I did. But I guess I didn’t max every skill