Skyrim perk points help

How do you mod the amount of perk points you have for xbox…? < 3

I don’t think anyone has found a way to hex edit perk points yet. The way I add unused perk points is with the pc version and a trainer.

thats the way i did it… pc version of skyrim and a trainer from skyrimnexus

Im sure there’s a mod tool, I don’t beleive it does Perk’s though.
Hopefully soon, There will be a Horizon Skyrim tool that can do the same things as the Oblivion mod tool.

As far as im aware there is no way to hex edit your perk points yet, but you can change your save’s file type to a pc save and open it on a pc version of skyrim then just do it there, or if you dont have the pc version there are plenty of people on here who do modding services for skrim.

But I wouldnt mod it, The game is allot more fun when you play it legit :smiley:

True Dat,