Skyrim rumor, Hidden Dwemer Questline?

Anyone hear about this, I see the same “Quote” popping up a Few places online, I’ll post it here…so tell me what you think.
Just pointless prank, or is there something to it

“There is a series of well hidden quests in Skyrim that will allow you to access the “area” that the Dwemer are currently very much alive within. So far, according to hidden Steam achievements, only 2 people worldwide have discovered the quest chain. No one has completed it yet. It is unlikely that the people who have discovered it have even realized it, as I haven’t seen any public discussion about the quest chain yet.
The quest chain is not expounded upon in the official strategy guide.
The quest chain is not randomized; it is accessed via a very specific set of player actions.
The quest chain will not begin until you’ve completed a more well-known quest chain.
The quest chain requires that two specific weapons be upgraded to their maximum.
… The quest chain features a sound puzzle. You won’t even be aware of the puzzle’s existence if your sound is muted. This may or may not be the reason why so few people have discovered the quest chain.
We intentionally left this quest chain out of the official strategy guide in order to encourage old school word of mouth “secrets”.
This is why we’ve delayed the Creation Kit.”

So what do you guys think,
this guy legit? or should he take a arrow to the knee to stop his lies?

I would comment but I took an arrow to the knee.
On a side note, I want this to be true xD

I have that same problem… really want it to be true. and I mean some wierd stuff does happen, If you listen to things characters say…it makes you wonder
Small spoiler
Like that Dragon that appears when you shout at the Artificial sun in the silent city…little things like that make you really wonder

what do characters say? As for the dragon I didnt hear about that? What happens?

My dad found a dwemer ruin that doesn’t appear on the map. It’s just hidden, maybe it has something to do with this.

One guy talks about the possiblity of communicating with them,

Open Me

And at the end of his quest something yanks him into another dimension

That could be related, can you let me know its neaby landmarks?

What quest line is this?

maybe if it did exist it could have something to do with the unique arrow that you cant pick up but says you can in the dwemer museum in markerth??
i very much doubt this is true…but i dont doubt an possibility for this in a addon? could be something the thalmor want in some ruins or something?

Arniel’s Endeavor, Be carefull though pt.3 is bugged
here is the page about it

Arniel’s Endeavor - The Elder Scrolls Wiki

I remember that!! I spent ages grabbing at it! Ahhh now I am all hyped up about this xD

I would think the same thing but i’'ve found a few items like that…decorations ONLY I guess

however…I do find the “Shaman’s keys” a little odd, anyone know what they are for?

Im gonna do that quest now xDDD

Goodluck dude,
just if nothing comes of this rumor…dont shoot the messenger.

“I used to be a messenger… then I took a arrow to the knee”

Where did you find the rumor originally before posting it here? Also I have heaps of shamans keys too.

The area I highlighted in red. It’s there somewhere. There’s no map marker or anything for it. And I’ve found all the locations. It’s most likely in the mountains by solitude.

I saw it on Gamefaqs i’ll give you the original link to view it Thats not against T.O.S right?
Righhhht Thurr
Strange post about hidden achievements in Skyrim?? - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Message Board for Xbox 360 - GameFAQs

took me a minute to find it again sorry about that.

Now im gonna spend all day tomorrow searching for this. Did you go inside it?

Awesome, thanks man im sending that pic to my phone, i’ll search some tonight and i’ll post about it tomorrow (Hopefully)

No, but my dad did. I watched for a few minutes. There’s some weapons and stuff. That’s all I saw. But there’s dwemer spheres and other enemies too.

I’ll get a more accurate location when his girlfriend leaves and he starts playing.

Went through a Dwemer ruin as part of a quest and found a machine or two. I tried activating them but they said I didn’t have the right components. Didn’t pay it much mind but I thing it might be that.

As for the ruin, It’s located somewhere near White-helm or Winter-hold because I remember doing that quest for the mages guild where you have to place a devise into a machine then cast a spell on it.

But these machines were different, They were just in the middle of a hallway so I didn’t pay them much mind.

One of the replies I found intriging.