Skyrim save editor

I was wondering if a skyrim save editor was already in development or not, and was wondering if it would help if I were to post my save-game to speed up it’s development?
This is still a suggestion for the tool to be added.

Game Title: Skyrim

Game ID:425307E6

Mods Wanted: Name changer, stat changer, item adder/remover, level changer. - savegame

Its not out yet… What is with you people!

I have it, video proof:



I doubt they are making a tool yet

Well stop sitting there expecting a mod tool, They need your savegames to make a save editor don’t they! Post em!

No ****ing **** Sherlock. Just because it’s leaked do you expect the devs to instantly download it and know what’s what in save games.

They probably are, Cheater already has a save. The game is easily modifiable, making an editor will be abit harder as it all depends on the structure of the gamesave.

Forza 4 had a editor before the game came out. <3

More then one person provided a savegame.

Cheater has saves from the Xbox version but he will be waiting for a PC version before he starts making the tools. The PC saves are a lot easier to work with.
Have patience. The game isn’t even out yet.

I added a savegame

ive been hoping for one to, haha i know forza and gears had a tool before the game even came out. ive been trying to mod mine with hex but i suck at hex

i also have a file save to help the completion of an editor Save 5 - D-MANIAC Skyrim 08.08.54.exs … First post ever by the way if i should post this anywhere else let me know

I hope they add skyrim to horizon would be so cool to be a god in the beginning lol

It’s probably already made, i’m pretty sure its cheaters favorite game…

Soon to be Cheater’s most hated game because of the annoying structure.

Horizon should make this a top priority…

Why should they make it top priority? Enlighten me.

why dont you just calm down bro. and because nothing else is out to mod. and considering it would not take more than a couple days if really put into it. and its obviously an exageration so why dont you leave bro.

Wow Someone is getting very Testy .