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Skyrim savegame editor


I made a Skyrim mod tool, which can change the item and its quantity if you put in a barrel in front of you.

-Now with 421 items
-New interface
-easier to understand

Virus Scan:


Screen-shots of the tool and a virus scan would be appropriate in this case.

You only have one post, therefore no-one’s going to believe this is a legitimate modification tool.



No Virus Scan.


Sorry Im new here and i dont know how to add pictures


Use a screen-capturing application, such as Gyazo which captures a selected area on your PC’s screen.

That’s just an example, I wouldn’t recommend Gyazo though, it’s terrible. Try one of these applications instead:



A few screenshots:


Thanks for adding images to the thread dude, I appreciate it. Now all you have to do is use VirusTotal to scan your file for malicious content so we know it’s a legitimate modification tool.

Once it’s verified as trusted then people will consider downloading it. Thanks once again buddy.


I cant freakin find the thing to download the tool xD lol


Great might give this a go, though I’ve already have a modded file in use. But its sometimes a pain that I can’t get all achievements requirements. But not too many complaints!


uh bro i know a thing or two about viruses how the hell is a virus scan going to prove anything?

i could easily have a file with the same name without a virus and run it through the virus test just to try and trick people. and those crappy virus scans dont even detect the worst kind’s of virsues witch are rare but you can get


: |


These two point to the same image:


I was wondering could if you could put “Skeleton Key - 0003a070” in your editor?


so is this legit?

and is hex number 0007b935 for example? or do i convert it to hex somehow?


I’m new, does this work


use hex editor to get what you wanted because 1 the barrel editor is a virus sorry for the ppl whom going to use this but for the ppl whom has this no virus at all they are the lucky ones so yeah you could hex skyrim by using hex editor and there videos of how to do so