Skyrim Sneak Glitch - Level 100 EASY

Hey guys so I just found a glitch in Skyrim that lets you get level 100 sneak right at the beginning of the game.

Watch in 720p, much better quality.

LOL Gonna try this now, great find! xD

I wouldn’t suggest doing this as it raises your level, and that raises the difficulty of dragons and many enemies, and you wont’ have the stats in other categories to beat them. I’m talking about on Master though, none of you Easy ****.

That is true but, I’m hoping nobody does this right at the beginning of the game.

I dashboard so it doesn’t save my stats like that, I want to be legit. :smile:

Why dashboard when u can save rite b4 u do it? and just reload

Obviously I don’t think like you do. :confused:

well this is a old find…my friend found this out in the first day the game was out…?

Look at when I uploaded the video, I found out about it before I got my pvr.