Skyrim Xbox Mods

I was wondering if anyone knows how to get PC Skyrim Mods to work with a non-modded Xbox like the Oblivion saves?

That’s a really good question. You should ask that on the Nexus Forums. People there may know that by now. It’s still a little early though.

Only certain mods like races and stuff but there is a way to create stuff with the creation kit and then save it somehow to where its like a normal save and doesn’t see it as a mod and you can play it on your xbox.

But like the post above mine you should ask here at or his link

For advice, I wouldn’t ask for help at that wretched website anyways.

Their tyrannic attitude against Xbox 360 modding is sickening.

I have just now gotten done reading the posts for help and comments on Modding for the 360 for Skyrim, I feel like I just want to hurt them.

That website does no one any good when it comes to certain requests.

Programmers can do just about anything here at Horizon. That Rehashing and Resigning is a perfect example of doing things on a highest level.

Horizon and Modio gives you many ideas, I have some ideas I know that will work for these two programs if you put 2 and 2 together right. :wink:

@ EarthKat33 - Yes I saw you’re post about the new program. It would be very nice

If you ask about mods on the 360 at that site, the response you get will be this link.

Quote so you don’t have to go there yourself:

Console modding is not supported here - The Nexus Forums
This is just a quick post to remind people, and inform newcomers, that we do not “support” modding on consoles here. I’ve put the support in quotes because the ideal of mods being available on consoles is something I would wholeheartedly support, however console modding is not endorsed by Bethesda or allowed by Microsoft (XBox 360) or Sony (Playstation 3) in their respective EULAs. Until such time as it is we cannot and will not help those looking for instruction on modding their console games.

If you are looking for help on modding your console games then you will not find it here and people are asked not to help those seeking instructions but instead point them to this thread or inform them that console modding can’t be supported here.

Thank you.

NB. modding in this thread pertains to plug-ins, and not “mod chipping” which is something we definitely don’t support.

Sorry Mods I started a topic very similar to this. I wish I had seen this topic first.Should of known better.

What Mods are out there as of right now for Skyrim on Xbox360? Does Bethesda have any expansion packs or anything like extra content for us and the PlayStation Players?

can someone give me a skyrim modded save game please:D

Yeah, that’s kind of unfortunate, but understanding. I believe I read somewhere that it was possible, albeit on a JTAG Xbox. But yeah, otherwise it would have been nice to transfer some PC mods to an unmodified Xbox. :smile:

You can do House Mods such as deleting walls and etc to make room. I modded my Solitude home, added a forge on the fire pit, deleted walls, added a tanning rack and work bench. I also replaced furniture, and then rehashed, resigned and imported it to my box lol. Works great and I’m much more satisfied with my home. For a tut: Skyrim Solitude Proudspire Manor - House Alteration Guide No Mods needed. - YouTube