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Slime Rancher Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Steam version?


Same as before, update comes in, the mod gets borked. I hope it can be updated soon.


Which cheats are broken?

Btw version guard is going to change all that soob


Definitely hte energy and health are not working again. I checked inventory but it is still working. I haven’t checked money.


My cheats are not working since the last update (mochi’s MegaBucks) they were working fine before. Anyone know why?


I am inclined to think it’s related to the alternate vacpack that one only has on Mochi’s area.


No thats not it cause i had the cheats not working on a brand new game before i got anywhere close to getting to the manor


Nah, I think any change in the code affects the whole game, nixing the energy and health mod.


Something else I did notice though is that when I have the inventory cheat open in Mochi’s area - specifically in the area where the vacpack is changed, four tanks and a water tank show up, with the water tank showing a kind of dull rainbow - not as bright as Ancient Water but similar in look.

This may be an odd quirk in how the mod reacts to the vacpack upgrade.


The Slime Rancher cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


It’s better, though not back to full function. I am getting 900 points on both but the meters do run down. I saw this before after the last update.


Whoops. Sorry, I accidentally deleted my post. Meant to edit to say that I got it to work now, just realized the cheats was activated before the game even started.


STN i have a problem with the Unlimited Items cheat what i do is throw some slimes then activate them and then when i don’t want to use them i turn them off but when i go ahead and use them they don’t activate anymore. can you please help me in anyway?
if you can tk’s a lot.


What do you mean they don’t activate?


Hey I’m having trouble with the unlimited items, it worked once then it never worked again. I’m actually confused about how to activate it too


I opened my game and all seemed fine, I shot my slimes and got the unlimited item cheat. Then I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of them in my inventory so I turned off the cheat and once I repeated the steps it wouldn’t work anymore. Maybe someone could help me on this issue.


Restart the game?. Trainer effects should only be as long as trainer is active.


In the newest version of the game unlim. energy,unlim. health and unlim. money/newbucks dont work
if i turn it on after time in turns off how do i fix it?


None if the cheats work for me. I mean they turn on and whatnot, but I never get the unlimited money and I still take damage. I have the most recent version of the game and of infinity and nothing is working


No Clip?