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Slime Rancher Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Probably something that wasnt going to be there in the first place. But could be another option this trainer can use.


can you add support for cracked slime rancher v6.0.0c? infinity cant find the exe.


Point it to the exe. As long as the folder structure is not entirely different it should work.
Also Infinity does not officially support cracked games so it is up to STN to make it compatible with cracked versions


Yeah it should work for cracked.


ok so what do i need to do before i can activate the unlimited energy cheat?


Use energy a bit?


@STN sorry to bother you but as of the 1.0.0 update to slime rancher the unlimited slimes cheat doesn’t work
or i’m doing it wrong either way can you help.


Is it possible to expand upon this mod? A spawner function would be wonderful, ie. foods and slimes themselves.


yea that would be great


Needs an update, as of 1.0.1, none of the cheats work, and they randomly turn off a few seconds after I activate them.


is there any way i can change to the 64bit version?


Huh? Just run 64bit version of game?


The Slime Rancher cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


I have run into a problem. when I try to load the cheats it will load and the go back to the default play button(before you start the cheats). only the second time you try to load the cheats it will it show an error message.


Have tried more than a dozen times, the cheats still do not work.
At this point they no longer even activate for a brief moment, (as before they would toggle on and instantly back off) nor make any sound when you attempt to activate them.


@STN I’m experiencing the same problem whenever I click on play it seems to load up the game but not the cheats the cheats will just give you an error message saying if you need help Slime Rancher has been fully released version 1.0.1


Do you have 32bit version? The game downgraded to 32bit upon launch :S


No I have 64-bit is there a way to fix it


Is there an option for you somewhere to run 32bit ?


soo… I uhh… it don’t work on the steam version of 1.0.1 I guess. it wont play the cheats at all for me

(edit) not so specific huh. hmm… it wont load the cheats at all for me and you said it was 32-bit but I am 64-bit. I wouldn’t know how to change that since I’m not that smart