Slow Download

I have a fast download speed BUT downloading this app is so so soooo slow. Any ideas as to whats happening and how I can fix this?

Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

There are several things that can cause slow downloads. Such as:

  • The site you are downloading from is experiencing high traffic.

  • Your antivirus or firewall may be interfering with the download.

  • There may be a large automatic download occurring for a different thing on your PC at the same time. Such as Microsoft Updates or several Steam games auto-updating at once.

  • There is someone else streaming or downloading a large file in your household (or someone who happens to know how to log into your router - ie a neighbour due to a weak password).

  • Your ISP has throttled your download speed because you download at a rate of which they deem to be excessive. Your ISP has the right to do this at any time (even if your connection is “unlimited”) without informing you (it’s in the small print of the contract, usually titled “fair use policy” or similar. Not everyone reads it).