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Sniper ghost warrior 3 extra weapons

I was playing the game today and decided I wanted to use the mod for it in the Wemod client. I notice that at a certain point I magically received every weapon in the game randomly shuffled in to my hands every time I go to select the weapon I want. Who asked for the extra unlisted modifications? Bloating my inventory doesn’t make the game more interesting it just gets in the way of actually selecting the weapon I want to use.
Could you’re modders please not add extra modifications to games that aren’t listed in the mods effects. Or list all effects that the mod is going to apply properly so we know what they are doing? I like using wemod, I like that it has the support of offline games and only applies in offline mode, I even like that it pings online servers if someone attempts to use it for multiplayer. But adding unexpected, unrequested modifications not only adversely effects gameplay but creates unwanted side effects.

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Yes it’s a known fact that happens. If you read the trainer thread it has been mentioned many times.
It’s the unlimited items cheat