So, Its been 5 Years since i Downloaded Wemod - Introducing myself, as i do not think i did this before

Hello, So i hope this is in the right Topic channel or whatever, this is actually my first time using the Forum i believe as i do not remember actually seeing this before. So, Its been 5 years… Thats a long time, well kinda, idk depends on your definition of Long time, i’ve got to say, Wemod is awesome, Honestly it is, i’ve spent a long time here and i don’t plan on leaving. Love Wemod.

Anyway, down to Introducing myself, as i do not think i actually have before, So i’m Sulf, as you can see in my Username, heh. i’m a up and coming Singer, i’ve done a few i guess you could say “concert’s?” Not really concerts but what i mean is i’ve played on stage with a band infront of people i do not know, don’t know how many people, but alot.

Things to know me about me, i’m Very Polite, i will always say please and thank you, if i don’t then i forget by accident, but that almost never happens.

I do Not Stand for bullying, and i believe in being nice and helping people when they need it.

I like to be nice to people and i like to point out whats wrong with someones statement/help them, rather then just say something like ‘your wrong’, or just be mean, i’d rather be like, ‘heres why your wrong, heres what you do, if you need any more help ask and i’ll help you, i hope you have a great day and please and thank you for reading this!’ Thats more of the person i am.

i think thats everything i want to say right now, hopefully this was the right place to put this, if not, tell me and i’ll move it.

Please and thank you for reading, i hope you have a Great day! And I’m glad to be apart of this community.

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excellent intro! welcome to the forums!


Thank you!

Welcome to the community. Very nice having you here. :slight_smile:

Also thank you kindly for supporting WeMod’s development and maintenance by being Pro.

What do you sing? And what are your top three favourite games of all time?

Hello, No problem, I’m glad to be helping out you guys, you make awesome mods that enhance fun in my games, love wemod!

I sing many things, but for some of my favorites… hmm, i’ll have to say Electronic, Rock, Alternative rock? (Not sure about that one as i’m not completely sure i know what it is) and 100% Twenty one Pilots, They make awesome music.

As for Games, I already know two i absolutely love, and wemod has had a big part in making me love these games: State of Decay 2, Love that game, and the series, and i don’t love many series’. Second would have to be the Dishonored Series, Great games, Though i don’t know if their going to make a forth game, Unfortunately. Now, for my third game… Hmm, i’m not completely sure on this, but i’m going to say… Either Unturned (free Zombie Game i used {And still might soon} to have a server on) or, perhaps the recently released game you guys put a trainer out for: Humankind.

And Honestly, i would not love / like Humankind as much, had there been no trainer, because the difficulty in that game is a bit… harsh sometimes, in my opinion, Well maybe thats cause i was playing on the Hardest difficulty but :laughing:, but also on the normal one its a bit harder then i’m used too. But yeah i love / like the game a lot because of wemod Directly.

Y’know, i don’t know if your into history or not, or like games with klinda history things, but i would recommend humankind if you don’t have it, I mean, i love history, and i can play as the Romans! or other things like the Teutonic knights… gah, just a great game, though i don’t think it beats State of decay 2, thats my favorite of all 3.

Also fun fact, so when i first went to the place i sing (This was before the pandemic, currently i don’t sing there because they are kinda closed because of the pandemic thing.) my first singer teacher there, when she asked me to do like a note thing to see how high my voice could go, she said that i have the voice range of Mariah Carey.

Anyway, Please and thank you for leaving this comment, And please and thank you for Reading!
(Hopefully i didn’t talk so much that your ear fell off :laughing:)
Have a Great Day and or night, Again, please and thanks for reading!

P.S Sorry for replying late, didn’t see your reply till now

Thanks for all the info!

I also love all the games you’ve listed! We’re two peas in a pod!

As for your singing career, I hope you success once the covid thing has died down. Stay warm and safe!



You have good musical tastes, I see!

Dishonored is great. I also do not know if there will be another one coming. But I am aware that the same people who made Dishonored made another game called Prey - which is basically described as “Bioshock in space”. I wrote about it here: Recommend A Game - #2 by Ravenfyre and it’s currently 60% off on Steam.

Awesome, And please and thank you! Same to you!

Interesting, might have to look into that, Please and thank you for the Info and please ty for the Compliment!