So you think YOUR gamertag is oG? Don't make me lul

You think your gamertag is oG? Well this guy’s is just o.

How he do that lul

Only one I like there is WiFi, that’s awsome :smile:
Wonder if I could buy it O.O

my gamertag is z so mine is better

The 1 letter gamertags were given to the XNE Launchers.

How’d he get that o.O

Yeah a lot of Microsoft staff members have ones like “Dan” and “n”

My friend is friends with aguy that has the gamertag Dad lol and he has optic predator and **** on his friends list :smiley:

I would be so happy with Extreme, why buy another?

Buying original gamertags would make my epenis huge too.

He buys new oGs every week, before this it was Gov, before that it was Inferno, and before that it was Bloc.
He never stops.

Dude I would do anything to have extreme!

Love how no one else notices who is in the party.
I want to buy WiFi, let me talk to teh noobsauce.

why would you buy a gamertag thats ****en stupid
you dont even really own it

Extreme is a awesome guy, he also has the GT: Gov, and much more, I can’t remember I have all he’s gt’s on my friend’s list (:

LOL! It’s DrPhil!
+That guys addicted to oGs lol…

Yea im coco for oGs yuh diig ?

The oG himself <3

Just wait till I get the new one

Get WiFi, I’ll buy it off ya