[Solved] Badges glitch

Hey guys I dunno if this is in the right section because I don’t see a forum category. But anyways I purchased Diamond quite a while ago when there was Horizon MB. And I didn’t get the badge,you’re supposed to get it if you buy Diamond at least once and I have.Thanks for the support! :wink:

~Petrifying Gaming.

you have to manually set it on your profile (at least I had to).

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How? And thanks for the reply.

You responded before I could edit, how dare you… Just kidding.

I don’t see it on your profile so you won’t be able to set it as your title. I was thinking that’s what you meant at first.

Follow the arrow and click the gear. If you have any titles available, that is where you set them.

Excuse the obnoxious ESP, it’s my overlay for the game i’m playing at the minute lol.

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Thanks! I’m probably gonna stick with HorizonMB though, never knew you could do this thanks once again! :grinning: