Some Of My Modded Fallout Saves

Hello everyone,this is my first modded save post so you’ll have to make allowances.
I like playing Fallout 3 and New Vegas,not into other games really,though I do have and sometimes play,on my RGH,20 other games,which include:-
Borderlands 1 and 2,
Crysis 2,
Dragon Age Origins
Dark Souls 1
but Fallout 3 and New Vegas are the two games that hold my interest the most,I suppose it’s the modding side of thing’s that give me the biggest buzz,i’m most enjoy creating alternative player homes.

Anyway for anyone that’s interested the link below is for one of my New Vegas modded saves,nothing spectacular,all I’ve done is used Victor’s shack in Goodsprings as a base,cleaned it out and added the following:-
1,3 lockers containing weapons,armour and enough skill books to get all skills to 100,
2,a fireplace with a working campfire (has flames) for crafting items
3,a workbench set into the counter,a nuka cola machine and reloading bench,
4,a Dead Money vending machine next to your bed,so you will need the DLC for that to show in game,
5,a working fridge and chemistry set,
6,on the roof of the shack are 5 mk v1 auto turrets for added security/peace of mind.
7,also added all 4 safe house keys to your key ring and faction money and caps to the desk,
8,the first aid box has stims etc in it,
9,for those of you who have Dead Money and Honest Hearts I’ve added an ammo box in both locations containing a few helpful items,in D/M the ammo box is to the right of the exit gate,under the light set in the wall,in H/H the ammo box is to the left of the exit tunnel as you face it,set in the ground in front of the green bush,
so if the above tickles your fancy and you want to check it out use the link below and grab a copy.

For this save the starter home is now in Doc Mitchell’s house.
A partition wall with a working door has been added to make a room in the room where the Vigor Tester used to be,it’s gone now,your room includes the following:-
1,a fireplace with a campfire for crafting,
2,Dead Money vending machine,
3,a reloading bench,
4,a workbench,
5,storage lockers,
6,couch x2 and a table,
7,a bed and 2 dressers,
8,Dead Money has an ammo box set in the wall to the right of the exit gate under the light,with some goodies in,
9,Honest Hearts has an ammo box set in the ground in front of the bush to the left of the exit point as you face it,with some goodies in it,
lots of items in the lockers,weapons,armour’s etc.
The character is female.
So if you want to try the save use the link below.

Ok this save offers a unique one of a kind prime piece of new build real estate has just come onto the market in Goodsprings.
The property boasts 360deg panoramic views of the surrounding countryside as well as security and safety.
The dwelling is a simple above ground two storey modular affair with a spacious downstairs living area and a more than adequate upstairs sleeping area.
The living area has a kitchen come food prep area which has a cooker,sink and mini inset fridge,the breakfast come dining area has a wall mounted counter and half size Nuka Cola machine as well as two chairs.
The study area has a desk,two chairs,two floor safes and two storage lockers,the safes and lockers hold a few useful items and come with the property.
To the rear of the property is a ‘‘crafting deck’’ which has a crafting campfire,a reloading bench,a workbench and three mini storage trunks all containing basic crafting items.
The sleeping area has a double bed,dressers,a sink,a bath and a DM vending machine,the dressers all hold a few items.
The whole structure stands approx. 18 feet off the ground and is supported/built on steel columns.
The living area is accessed by a single flight of steps at the front of the property and another at the rear,up onto the crafting deck.
From the crafting deck you take a third flight of steps up to a walkway that leads you to the sleeping area,and while your on the walkway,do linger a few moments to take in the panoramic views.
The property has three doors,all made from solid steel,all having the latest ‘‘DOUBLE 10 point’’ securing system.
The windows,all seven,boast the UNIQUE,NEVER BEFORE SEEN PATENTED SATURNITE ALLOY security mesh grills.
These unique grills completely block inward vision whilst at the same time allow outward vision,’‘you cant see in,but you can see out’’.
All this extra security and the peace of mind it brings come as standard.
The Outhouse has a new toilet and a working door.
So if you want to be the proud owner of this unique one-off property then click the link below and its all yours. Male character. Female character.

Also when you do DM,go to the exit gate and set in the wall under the light is a mini chest containing useful items,and HH as you leave the tunnel into Zion,set in the ground to the right is a mini chest containing useful items.
Hardcore is on and the ‘‘Camel Of The Mojave’’ perk is three bottles of water away,so take three from the mini fridge,drink them and get the perk.

Ok this is a FO3 starter save that has a player home situated on top of the ruined overpass just slightly to the south west of Vault 101.
The house is accessed by a long flight of stairs onto a long torch lit catwalk that leads you to the deck of the overpass.
The stairs and the catwalk are supported by metal beams and columns,to give a sense of reality,instead of just having them floating in mid air.
The house consists of a two room layout,the larger room being the living area,containing a chimney with a working fire,a couch,a workbench,a half size pristine Nuka Cola machine,a food prep counter with an inset cooker and mini fridge,a breakfast bar with two chairs and a sink.
The smaller room,which is separated from the larger by a working wooden door has been sub-divided into three by two partition walls,has a study area,a sleeping area and a bathroom with its own working wooden door for privacy.
All containers in the smaller room contain useful items,clothing,weapons and ammo,and all items come with the property.
The oversize Enclave container under the naval cot bed contains some slightly overpowered weapons,not one shot kill god weapons,but more powerful than base.
On the desk in the study area is a mini infirmary and first lab,whilst inside the desk you will find skill books for reading,caps and pre-war money,the floor safe contains plasma grenades.
If you want to stroll around what was the road deck you can do so in full safety as all deck cracks have been filled and safety barriers installed,if you should venture beyond the barriers do so with caution as the 100ft plus drop will kill you.
Whilst your walking around the deck do take in the views and feel free to make friends with the oversize garden gnome,or use him for target practice,your choice.
The characters stats have been upped,but not maxed,and some very useful perks added.
The character is male.
I’ve also added Megaton and Tenpenny house keys to your keyring for good measure.
Use the links below to grab a copy. Male Character. Female Character.

Now this is an addition to my ‘‘Overpass’’ save and adds a Pod room on top of your Megaton player home.
The room sits on a cruciform that sits on a central column and is accessed from outside your Megaton player home via a stairway to a catwalk that leads 1,to your new room,2,to Moriartys Saloon and 3,to Craterside Supply.
So if your in the mood for some liquor you can exit your new room,descend the steps onto the catwalk and then across to Moriartys place,or if you wish to trade with Moira,turn right and follow the catwalk round to Craterside Supply.
The room isn’t anything fancy,containing a bed,a couch,a desk,a sink,a chimney and fire,the reason for the simplicity is your Overpass home has all that you need,and Megaton also has amenities on offer.
As the room is in a secure location the windows have glass instead of security mesh and a wooden door instead of the usual high security high tensile steel door,as used on your Overpass home.
The catwalk sits solidly atop five main high rise columns and is supported in other places by a number of tubular steel legs and cross braces.
So if you fancy checking it out use the links below. Male Character Female Character.

In this save I’ve added a player home onto the empty plinth at Rivet City.
It’s a two storey dwelling and features a new walk across to Rivet City,also the plinth has been utilised to house water purification machinery to provide rad free drinking water to the property from the basin in which Rivet City is docked.
The interior quality of the properties two levels is high end, and only T/P/Tower can boast a higher level of quality.
A unique feature of the property is the B-B-Q deck that is accessed via the upstairs sleeping quarters.
This dwelling must be seen,so select a link below,take a copy and make your way to Rivet City for a viewing. Male Character
Female Character

Whilst i was scouting around the wasteland the other day i thought to myself Meresti Trainyard would be a good location to build a small fortified camp,so I set about building one,and here it is,’‘Camp Ironsides’’.

All above ground buildings etc and a few tree’s have been removed,but 1 entrance door to Meresti underground has been retained and moved/placed in the outer face of the left hand plinth as you face the entrance gate to enter the camp.

The name,Camp Ironsides is derived from the fact that solid steel sheet was used in the construction of the perimeter wall,along with 11 stone plinths each topped with a laser turret to help defend the camp from attack.
Within the walls you will find the following 5 pod based buildings:-

1,a fully fitted Clinic with a '‘My First Infirmary’'and a vending doctor,more on him later,
2,a shop called ‘‘Guns N Stuff’’ where you can buy a few weapons and ammo items from the Scavenger who has 100 repair skill,more on him later,
3,a Diner where you can buy food to eat from Mr Buckingham,the Mr Handy from Rivet City,you can also sell to him,more on him later,
4,your house/quarters comprising of a study,a games room and a bedroom with en-suite bathroom,
5,a small water purification plant.
There is also a small pen containing 2 Brahmin.

Now the Doctor and Scavenger may look human but they are not,they are Synthetic Humanoids,manufactured by Robco for a limited time from 2070-2073,they weren’t vey popular,having unreliable AI systems and being prone to frequent system shut downs.
That is why they can only interact with you when you talk to them,when you finish the conversation they instantly shut down and that’s how they stay until you talk to them again,there are no spares or up-grades for them so to make them safe but usable the only interaction menus that safely function are Barter/Repair for the Scavenger and Barter/Healing for the Doc,still at least they wont run away.

Mr Buckingham is in the same state,but for a very different reason,on his journey over from Rivet City he was attacked by a couple of Mirelurks and his circuitry was severely damaged,in fact,so badly that the only '‘duty’'circuit undamaged was Barter,the rest had to be ‘‘wiped’’ for safety’s sake,oh and due to the severity of the attack,in his memory circuit he still thinks he’s working at the Weatherly Hotel and will respond as such when questioned,humour him,any attempt to remove the speech loop renders him in-operable and he goes into permanent shut down mode.

The 11 laser turrets are totally maintenance free so you can forget about them,and if you want to see a brilliant/deadly laser light show,attack the raiders to the east or west at night and watch the results.
Your choice of character can either be male or female,just select the appropriate link below,both saves are starters and you begin at the camp.

The character stats are good but not O.T.T,and the wall safe in your house contains some powerful weapons,if you want them,leave them if you don’t.
There is 75 of each skill book in the corner desk in your study,enough to get all skills to 100 straight away if you wish,or not,the choice is yours.

Also in the safe are 10,000+ npc wastelanders for you to drop and populate the camp,should you want to,but remember,they do wander off,and they do get ‘‘stuck’’ in static objects,tables,chairs etc etc,they will also wander into your house and take your good weapons,you’ve been warned.
If you’ve never dropped npc’s before,drop them 1 at a time,if you multi drop,2 or more at a time,you only get 1 npc,but the number you dropped will be contained within the 1 that spawns.
Anyway do help yourself to a save,there’s plenty to go round. Female Character.
Male Character.

Here is a simple starter save that adds a small ‘‘side cave’’ to the exit tunnel of Vault 101 that’s been turned into a player home.
It’s nothing fancy,all it has is a dinning area,study/living area and bathroom,there isn’t a bedroom as the ‘‘cell extension’’ I created is still classed as part of 101 and therefore is a no wait or sleep area,to compensate for this I’ve added a ‘‘My First Infirmary’’ so you can at least fully heal,repair,de-rad yourself,I’ve also added a ‘‘My First Laboratory’’ for good measure.
The three rooms all use the same invitingly warm lighting that provides enough light to see by but doesn’t ruin the ‘‘cave’’ atmosphere,especially when you stand at the central fire barrel and look up at the ceiling of the cave.
I’ve added a Scavenger and Wasteland Doctor for you to trade with,the Scavver has 100 repair,so is really useful,in testing,60 in game days,neither disappeared,as long as you talk/trade with them at least once every 3 in game days,any longer and they may wander off.
In the study area is a personal footlocker that has 3000 B/Outcasts and 4000 BOS npc’s for you to take out with you and drop,if the need arises,I wouldn’t drop them in the cave area as when I did this in testing all spawned inside 101 itself.
Inside the ‘‘Weapons Locker’’ on top of the desk in the study area you will find 4 slightly overpowered weapons,use them if you want,or sell them,and 4 sets of Power Armour,a BOS set,an Enclave Shock Trooper set and 2 Tesla sets.
Now the 2 Tesla sets offer 2 levels of DR,40 and 43 and the set that offers 40 DR can also be worn with other Power Armour sets,which raise overall DR to 83, 43+40=83.
It’s not really a suit,it comprises a 2 bottle backpack and 2 tubes,it looks silly when worn by itself,but when worn with BOS armour it looks really cool,oh and don’t drop the item,it WILL disappear and be lost forever.
In the desk you will find enough skill books to raise all skills to 100,or not,your call,ammo and grenades in the 2 boxes nearby.
The dinning area where the Doc and Scavver are is fully equipped with table,chairs,fridge,cooker,sink,breakfast bar and Nuka Cola machine.
Megaton and Tenpenny keys are on your keyring.
Power Armour Training perk has been added.

If anyone notices anything amiss in any of the Fallout saves I’ve released please reply here,you may spot something i’ve missed,even if you think that your reply may offend,as long as it’s positive,constructive criticism it’s welcomed,as that will help me to improve and do better.

Character Stats:-
HP - 500
CW - 500
AP - 300
Male Character
Female Character

The above saves were made for fun,and I hope that if you try any of them you will at least get a couple of hours or so of fun out of them.