Some Suggestions

  1. in the achievement unlocker you need to randomize or have the option of randomizing seconds and milliseconds for unlocking with timestamps. It’s easy to catch modders that way, not just for MS but for achievement tracking sites. I forget where I saw the specifics, but if your achievements can be viewed publicly (like to enjoy one of those achievement tracking sites), there’s a way to see the timestamps down to the milliseconds.

  2. Could you add a modified/unmodified flag to the Package Manager? What I mean is, if I just saved/resigned myself, then click the thing to transfer it to USB, it shouldn’t need to ask me again to save it because it hasn’t changed since it was saved. Like text editors do. If you haven’t edited it, you shouldn’t be asked to save.

  3. Favorites including Device and Console IDs instead of just Profile. I know many games don’t check those values, but some do.

  4. Would it be possible to update Horizon without having to reinstall the entire app every time? That’s bloody annoying. p.s. I can’t find a change log anymore since the site changed to WeMod.

Millisecond are already randomized. Since I’m not a developer I won’t reply to 2 or 3. As for the last one I don’t see the issue. Instead of the update being auto downloaded it gives you the option to download it. You run the updater/installer and writes over the current files. You don’t have to uninstall the old version and Horizon is only about 30MB in size if I remember correctly so I don’t see what makes it annoying. As for the change log it can be found here: Horizon Changelog

Oh, another thing. When you’re in Device Explorer, you should be able to right click a game title and delete ALL saves for that game on the USB. You can do it on the console. Why not here? It currently shows up in the rightclick menu on games, but it’s disabled.

because they dont want you to accidently delete everything then be mad at them.