Something is wrong

For the last few days I’m having troubles with running infinity…
First of all I don’t think I’m using a new version because it looks like the old layout. I have downloaded the new version from the site, but the same old layout shows… Also, when I go to my games tab it takes forever to load. Clicking on a game doesn’t give you trainer options, it either takes forever to load again and then says “A trainer is currently being created. Check back soon”
I cleared my cache folder and downloaded the same ICDV2 Rev. 5 bat file, still doesn’t fix my issue. I tried disabling firewall and disabling anti virus and still no solution, also tried running as admin. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, still looking like the old version and no loading.

Make a screenshot of how your layout looks like.
The problem with

Has been going on yesterday and today. Unsure why but the site sometimes takes longer to load aswell.
I’m sure that will be fixed soon.

Should work fine now?