Sons of The Forest Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The mod is working properly. Why do you think it doesn’t work?

the game speed cheat doesnt work, the game still just operates at normal speeds when i try raising it up

a lot of the stuff works but not the change game speed, it does nothing at all,
game still stuck at normal speed which is awful for building anything,

There really isn’t much that can be done about that. It is working for both Greenhouse and I and no one else is reporting the same issue. Are you trying to play with other people?

no, in a solo save

infact if i even try using it, when reloading the game, it glitches out/slows the game down

Make sure that you have VSync disabled in the game settings.

oh that worked, thank you

When launching game from wemod, when I click Continue in game menu, it locks on launch screen of Sons of The Forrest logo screen. Any fix?

Infinite printer resin and Infinite Jumps not working

WeMod works with ER 35207 of SotF.

After the new update of the mods I use, infinite stamina, no fall damage, invisibility, no item limit, infinite ammo, infinite fuel all work.

Of the mods I also use infinite jumps and set running speed multiplier they do not work.

OPPS: My last evaluation wrong. With ER: 35027 of SotF, two IN GAME 2 WeMod settings do NOT hold:

  1. Infinite Printer Resin
  2. Infinite Jumps

NOTE: I have everything in my Inventory.

Hi GreenHouse the sons of the forest game infinite jumps doesn’t work every time I turn it on it automatically turns off once I start the game please fix this please and thank you :blush: xx

The Sons of The Forest cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

think we could maybe get a fly / no-clip cheat just maybe :pleading_face: hehe mods/cheats seem to work fine tho they do need a update all round nice and smooth thanks :+1:

The Sons of The Forest cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Hi, When I use 【Set Last Hovered Item Amount】and get more items (Like Food 9999+) . My game starts to have no sound and when the sound returns the game gets stuck.
Please could you tell me what happened and tell me how to fix it?

Something that I noticed is that when I use “Set Last Hovered Item Amount”, save, exit the game and load back again, the values go back to the originals.
It seems the game has max values for every item in the game and the only ones with value over 1K are mostly ammunition. That’s why it resets. The only way to change that is with a mod that lets you change those max values.

Requesting unlimited buff timer (you get them from cooking if that helps)