Sons of the Forest crashing issue

Ive tried everything, Verified integrity, allowed through the firewall.
Any ideas?

Hey there! Welcome to the forums. I had to create a new topic from your post, as it was a different issue to the post you posted on! :slight_smile:

Does this issue occur when WeMod isn’t running? If so, try creating a new save, as it’s possible that it has been corrupted.

Otherwise, if this issue is occurring only while WeMod is running and injected into the game, try re-installing the game and see if this helps.


The game is known to be freezing and crashing for a lot of people since they left early access in February. The game is badly optimised. Even my gaming PC which can normally run large games on ultra graphics stutter and freezes with Sons of the Forest, with or without WeMod. I uninstalled the game until the devs release more patches.

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Sadly releasing badly optimised games seems to be becoming the norm these days. Cyberpunk, Hogwarts Legacy, etc etc.