SpaceBourne 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

which game version do you have? because its not working for me

Ver. 1.9.0 the lastest version…
But I found the “Unlimited Shield” and “Unlimited Armor” were not worked now…

StiNGERR, please check the “unlimited shield / armor” were not functioning…
When I fight with fighters, my shield got lost quickly and then destroyed…

The update yesterday, to 2.0, broke most of the cheats, unfortunately. But thanks for all your great work this far.


Just used the mods with the new update 2.0 and none of them work and it crashes the Game :pensive:


any updates for v2.0?


Yes cheats no longer work for new version 2.0


the app doesn’t say it needs testing, but same behavior, it crashes.

Hi, I have paid for a WeMods Pro. I have installed it successfully, and I can go into the game. I own the SpaceBourne 2 version 2.0.0 in Steam. When I press the play button at the top right corner than it say some of the mods may not work with the game. After planning and Plot where I want to go. I jump into my ship and there is where I have the problem where it keeps crashing on me.
I wanted to see if it would crash when I play it on Steam, and it seem to be okay I can plan and plot where I wanted to go. And I jump into my ship and takeoff it doesn’t crash on me.

I have enclosed the Crash report that I got from the game folder, Screenshot after I press the WeMod Play button as well too.

I really need your help with this problem, I’ll be going to wait for your reply thank you for your time……

God Bless, and God Speed,

Dennis J Balgas Sr

I am not sure why, but I cannot BOOST. It said there is an error, cannot boost …WHICH means I cannot make the trainer update faster ???
I have already given up the game since I noticed the TRAINER did not works with Ver.1.9.0…

Got a banner telling me the game needs an update - except the update was installed over 5 hours ago.
I’m playing 2.0.1 which at time of writing IS the latest version - Free mods work for a limited period of time - brought PRO and ALL of the paid for mods crash the game.
Cancelled PRO.

The SpaceBourne 2 cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

no weapons overheat crashes game on version 2.01. Unlimited ship shields and hull puts them at 0 and cant be restored at station.

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game crashes when the cheats are enabled

yeah same with unlimited ship energy too

trainer is running ok with v2.0.1, the only issue is that shield and health are set to 0, but ship doesn’t crash, nor the game, it just looks ugly :smiley:

edit: scratch that, due to health and shield set to 0… it’s failing.

The SpaceBourne 2 cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

The trainer was not crashing the game…but the Unlimited Ship Shield / armor was not working.
This problem I had been reported since last update, but it was not dealt with until now…

I am playing ver2.0.1 …

After update 2.02 unlimited shields nor weapons overheat work, along with many crashes.

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Yes, same here.