Spain version

Hello I’m from Brazil, and I was wondering why the Horizon has a version in Spanish or Portuguese for easy access of some people who do not understand much English.
Of course this would make a good profit, because the amount I Diamond members would increase enough. I think it is worth.

We do not offer Horizon in any version other than English. One day it may be added but I do not know of any plans at this time to do so.

This was a suggestion a little bit back, I believe Zach made the post. We all voted on it, but I don’t know what happened to it.

Well I’m a junior member here, so do not know who that is Zach.
More is was my susgestão I think it would help a lot.

Zach is an Administrator for the site. Just for your reference, a list of current Title Holders can be found here…

Oh yes, thank you.

de nada :smile:

I disagree on the profit part. The translation would have lots of typo’s and grammatical issues.
Why not just learn English?

Not all Brazilians speak english, I know fluently use english.
And some people of Brazil for sure looking for a mod for Xbox and PC, and are not good English and the translation program will help her.

I still just search for “save editor” instead of “sparfil redigerare”. And it would be too confusing if everyone would be speaking their own languages in public discussions.

It’s really you’re right

You should suggest your idea by posting here:!?highlight=horizon+language

I think you got the information you needed in this thread so I’m closing it.